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portada Conversation Skills (en Inglés)
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Conversation Skills (en Inglés)

Keith Coleman (Autor) · Communication & Social Skills · Tapa Blanda

Conversation Skills (en Inglés) - Coleman, Keith

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Reseña del libro "Conversation Skills (en Inglés)"

Have you ever wondered what is it about some people that draw others to them like a swarm of bees? Would you like to learn how they outshine the best-looking people at a social gathering, hold them spellbound with their conversation skills, or make a powerful impact wherever they go? What is the one factor that separates regular people from these social superstars? It is called the charisma factor. The good news is that charisma or magnetism isn't some inborn trait that you either possess or lack throughout your life. It is a skill that can be acquired through implementation, practice, and effort. You have the confidence to excel and shine in every social setting. All you need to do is unlock your inner rock star with everything that is shared in this book. Just about anyone can start applying these strategies in their life right away. Here are some things you'll take away from the book: 20 Tips to increase your charisma and transform the most socially awkward person into a social magnet How to acquire endless reserves of confidence in any social situation Using the power of words and non-verbal communication to demonstrate authority, charisma, and magnetism Busting myths about charisma - what it is and what it isn't And more... If you want to fundamentally alter the way you approach people and social situations, these practical, actionable, and easy to follow strategies will take you from being a socially inhibited being to a power-packed communicator, one step at a time. You'll understand the characteristics of an irresistibly charismatic person, and how to go about being one with easy to implement tips. Once you know what makes a person charismatic, it becomes relatively easier to adopt these strategies to become the ultimate social bee. You have a choice to make today. Do you want to remain socially inhibited, awkward, and nervous all your life or do you want to transform into a socially self-assured and confident people magnet? The choice is yours! If you want to transform into a much loved and admired social being, get a copy of this valuable resource on conversation skills, charisma, and social interaction.

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