portada Siria. Las Complejidades de una Guerra por Encargo (libro en INGLéS)
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    Siria. Las Complejidades de una Guerra por Encargo (libro en INGLéS)

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    From a directors diaries, minutes of meetings and company reports, comes a political thriller with an accurate expos of doing business in the post-communist Soviet bloc in the late 20th century. The Berlin Wall has come down. East meets West, and Gorbunovs Communist Romania is bankrupt. Yeltsov becomes President introducing democracy. Desperate for cash, Romania opens its doors to Western companies. Of aristocratic Romanian heritage, New-Zealand-born Lara is lured to the home of her ancestors. Alba Log, reputedly the largest gold mine in the world, belongs to the RossiaGold in Transylvania. With Yeltsovs backing, Lara forms a joint venture between her company SUN Technology and RossiaGold to mine Alba Log. She is helped by a charismatic mining magnate, Hugh McRae, and New Zealands future Prime Minister, Mark Spencer. The two men share a passion for gold and for Lara. Millions of dollars, raised in London, New York and New Zealand flow into Transylvania, as the mining world eagerly watches on. The stakes are high and the game of gold begins. The communists and Romanias KGB equivalent, the SRI, want to retain control and use every possible pawn to bring down SUN Mining; while the corrupt government extorts money from SUN by any possible means. But the question remains to this day, was Alba Log ever of any real value or was it just another Transylvanian myth?

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